Why risky driving is NEVER worth the cost

As we go about our day driving, we trust that our fellow drivers will be valiant citizens and pay proper attention to the road as they drive. Sometimes that proves not to be the case. Whether caused by personal negligence or natural forces such as storms, vehicular accidents are too common to injure or prove fatal to victims severely.

Image with text stating, "This year, we recovered $5.75 million from two automobile accidents."

One of these clients, CB, was injured on I-80 when he crashed into a truck that had stalled mid-turn while attempting a U-turn in a crossover designated for emergency vehicles only. As a result of the accident, CB was left with multiple dislocations across his body, a lacerated liver, and a torn meniscus. He spent a month in the hospital and required months of physical therapy. Our firm covered the cost of multiple exams to know the full extent of his injuries and the impact they would have on his future. Our research solidified a case that enabled us to work out a settlement of nearly $4 million from the insurance company on his behalf.

Our other case was on behalf of the surviving family of a woman brain-damaged from the actions of an impaired driver. The driver ran through a red light at an intersection, t-boning a car driven by Dawn, who was coming home from work. The brain damage she suffered resulted in her death three months later. Her death left her husband as the sole caregiver of their two children, one of whom is disabled. We worked with the moving company’s insurance provider to give Aaron a $25,000 advance on the eventual recovery, which would ultimately amount to $1.75 million.

We share these stories not to glorify our work, but to make us aware that what we may perceive as minor negligences at the moment can cause serious repercussions. 

The driver that caused CB’s accident could have gotten off at the next exit, paid a toll, and made the turn. Instead, the driver selfishly took up the roadway and attempted to use a lane for emergency workers only. And the driver in Dawn’s case was not in a condition to be behind the wheel, but maintained control and did not pull over.

We urge you, when you’re driving, please be self-aware of your physical and mental state. Common reasons for driver-caused accidents include:

Text that warns on what behavior while driving is considered reckless or dangerous.

Do not get behind the wheel if your faculties are impaired or prone to judgement lapses. No amount of money can recover the lost time lost from injuries or the loss of a loved one. Be mindful and protect yourself and fellow motorists.

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