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In a Carlsbad, California, police beating last week, a woman was picking up her children from a birthday party and inquired what police were doing near a car with an alarm going off. Police told her to “mind her own f…… business” and soon thereafter stopped her for failing to wear her seatbelt.

The unarmed woman was pulled out of her car and hit repeatedly, while screaming that she did nothing wrong and as her two children watched.

A woman trying to come to her aid was pushed away by an officer as she was beaten by the police. She was arrested, but charges were dropped when the D.A. saw videos of the police brutality taken by onlookers.

Police brutality has been in the news more than ever before. Has this amount of police brutality existed in the past or are rogue cops becoming more violent?

Certainly with technology and the ease of smartphone video use, news of police beatings can go viral within minutes, even seconds. Our police are the watchdogs of our communities, held to an even higher standard than the public they protect, yet this violence continues, despite their knowledge that much of what they do is being taped.

If police know that their actions are often seen publicly and still act out their aggressions, isn’t this proof that more psychological screening is needed before certain individuals are hired to “protect” our public?

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