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We trust nursing homes to care for our loved ones when they can no longer care for themselves. And when we choose a nursing home, we expect the staff to take care of our loved one’s needs. But sometimes that doesn’t happen. Sometimes, nursing homes abuse and neglect our loved ones. The nursing home negligence attorneys at Deratany & Kosner know how seniors can be harmed by neglect and know how to protect their rights.

Nursing homes are required to follow federal and state regulations, both of which specifically call on facilities to adopt policies that prohibit neglect. The regulations for Illinois define neglect as “a failure in a facility to provide adequate medical or personal care or maintenance, which failure results in physical or mental injury to a resident or in the deterioration of a resident’s physical or mental condition.”

What does that mean? There are many different types of nursing home neglect. It can involve a failure to:

  • Provide adequate food and water
  • Provide medication
  • Help residents put on clean clothes
  • Change soiled bedding
  • Answer emergency call lights
  • Bathe and groom residents
  • Move patients regularly to prevent bedsores
  • Treat minor cuts to prevent infection
  • Interact with residents with kindness and respect
  • Keep rooms and bathroom clean and sanitary

Not only is nursing home neglect against the law, it is a matter of basic human decency. Our seniors deserve to get the care they need in nursing homes. When they don’t get it, seniors may feel unable to fight for their rights. But Deratany & Kosner can fight for them.


Dealing with nursing homes should be simple. They should care for the needs of residents and treat them with respect. But in too many cases, nursing home staff members neglect residents. That makes for an unhappy and unpleasant experience for the seniors that live there, and it also put their health at risk. Nursing home neglect can have very serious physical and emotional effects for residents. It can even lead to death.

When relatives of residents bring their concerns about neglect to management at the nursing home, their concerns are not always taken seriously. They may receive assurances that it won’t happen again, or that management “will look into it.” Instead, nothing happens and the neglect continues.

Deratany & Kosner stands up for nursing home residents that have been neglected. Our goal is to put a stop to it, to hold the negligent parties responsible and to help residents and their families recover damages. Our attorneys have more than 15 years of experience with cases like these in the Chicago area. We know how to get results.

Our legal team will conduct a thorough review of the nursing home’s treatment of your loved one. We’ll check to see if staff members were properly trained and procedures followed. We’ll review medical records and other documentation. And we will also talk to witnesses who can provide information about the neglect.

If we find evidence of negligence, we will take legal action to get better treatment for your loved one and to recover damages. If you think a loved one is being neglected in a nursing home, talk to one of our attorneys to learn your legal options. Call Deratany & Kosner at 800-529-7285 for a free case consultation.

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