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Family members can usually tell if something is wrong with their loved one. But they may not be able to connect it to abuse or neglect. There are usually some signs that your loved one isn’t being treated well. The nursing home negligence attorneys at Deratany & Kosner have found that in general, if something seems wrong, something probably is wrong.

Some signs of abuse are obvious. A loved one has burns or abrasions, cuts, bruises, open wounds or bedsores (also called pressure wounds or decubitus ulcers). He or she may experience sudden weight loss, or have poor hygiene from lying in feces or urine for long periods of time. There may be torn, stained or bloody clothes or bedding.

But other signs aren’t so obvious. A loved one may become unresponsive or listless. You may notice strange behavior, especially directed at one staff member. Their personal items may disappear. Money may go missing or there may be unusual financial transactions in their accounts. A loved one may seem physically or emotionally withdrawn.

Common signs of neglect include bedsores and dehydration. A loved one may be falling quite a bit. You may notice a loved one seems increasingly drowsy, has an unkempt appearance or has a changed mental state. Medical conditions may get unexpectedly worse.

Also look for any unusual activity by the staff. For example, you arrive at the facility during regular visiting hours, but the staff refuses or delays access to your loved one. Or a staff member won’t allow you to be alone with your loved one.

Trust your instincts. If you think something is wrong, learn more about what to do if you suspect abuse or neglect. Then talk to an experienced nursing home negligence attorney to learn your legal options.

COMMON EXAMPLES OF NURSING HOME ABUSE & NEGLECT: Bedsores; Sexual or physical assaults of residents; Malnutrition and/or dehydration; Emotional abuse; Kidney failure; Injuries from falls; Improper use of restraints; Poor supervision.


In more than 15 years of representing victims of nursing home abuse and neglect, our attorneys have seen how seniors can be affected. We’ve also seen how many are too frightened to tell anyone what’s been happening to them. Many times, they need someone to speak for them and fight for them. The attorneys at Deratany & Kosner are passionate about standing up for the rights of seniors in nursing homes to protect their health and safety.

Nursing homes and staff members often try to hide evidence of abuse and neglect. We know where to look for evidence that proves it. Our legal team pores through every document and speaks to every witness. We know which experts to consult. We’re focused on building a strong case that nursing homes and their insurance companies can’t ignore.

Our first goal is to make the abuse or neglect stop. Protecting your loved one is the top priority. We then work to hold the staff member or members who neglected or abused your loved one accountable. We can also take legal action to help recover damages. In general, victims of abuse or neglect can seek compensation for medical expenses, emotional distress, pain and suffering and other damages.

Your actions also help send a strong message to the nursing home. If they don’t take steps to prevent the abuse and neglect of residents, there will be consequences. Getting their attention with legal action may also encourage them to take steps to ensure it never happens again.

If a loved one has been the victim of abuse or neglect in a nursing home, contact one of our experienced attorneys to learn your options. Contact Deratany & Kosner at 800-529-7285 to set up a free case consultation.

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