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Malnutrition and hydration can affect people of all age groups, but the elderly are especially at high risk of being affected by a lack of food and water. In a nursing home setting, malnutrition and dehydration are often not intentional. Often, malnutrition and dehydration reflect negligence on the part of nursing home staff to ensure residents are properly fed and given water. The nursing home negligence attorneys at Deratany & Kosner represent residents who have been harmed as a result.

Malnutrition can occur when a nursing home resident is not given a meal, perhaps as punishment or due to staffing issues preventing residents from receiving adequate care. In other instances, malnutrition results from insufficient food being delivered to people with special needs, such as diabetic patients. Dehydration can result from inadequate amounts of water and fluids or an excessively warm climate.

Often, families of loved ones in nursing homes may notice water being inaccessible to patients, excessively warm room temperatures and excessive weight gain or weight loss. Loved ones may seem irritable or confused. These are all common signs of malnutrition and negligence and cannot be overlooked. In severe instances, malnutrition or dehydration can even lead to a fatality and be grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit in Illinois.

Malnutrition and dehydration can lead to a wide range of serious health problems in seniors. Their muscles can weaken, increasing the risk of falls. Wounds may not heal properly. They face a greater risk of infections. Their breathing could be affected. They could get low blood pressure, or experience kidney problems. Malnutrition and dehydration can also lead to death.

Making sure residents have food and water is a basic level of care at nursing homes. Neglecting that responsibility is extremely negligent and Deratany & Kosner will not tolerate it.


If you suspect your loved one has not been getting enough food and water at a nursing home, bring your concerns to the management of the facility. Then contact us. Managers may deny there’s a problem, or tell you what they think you want to hear. If your loved one is not getting enough food and water because of neglect, the staff at the nursing home is unlikely to admit that. You need an experienced attorney on your side to ensure your loved one’s rights are protected.

Deratany & Kosner has been fighting against nursing home neglect for more than 15 years. We know when there’s a problem and when a facility has something to hide. We also know how to find the truth and make the neglect stop.

Our legal team will investigate your loved one’s situation to look for signs of negligence. We will review medical records and facility documents related to your loved one’s care. We’ll also talk to witnesses and experts to build a strong case for negligence. And we will demand better treatment for your loved one.

We can also hold the negligent parties responsible by recovering damages for what your loved one went through. This includes compensation for medical expenses, emotional distress and pain and suffering.

If you think your loved one is suffering from malnutrition or dehydration in a nursing home as a result of neglect, contact us today. You can talk to one of our experience attorneys by calling 800-529-7285. Your case consultation is free.

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