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Bedsores, also known as pressure ulcers or pressure sores, are among the most common signs of nursing home neglect. Pressure sores can result in sepsis or septic shock, a potentially fatal medical condition that occurs when an infection leads to blood poisoning and low blood pressure. In severe instances, multiple organ dysfunction syndrome and death can occur if left untreated. The nursing home negligence attorneys at Deratany & Kosner protect the rights of seniors who have developed bedsores due to neglect.

Nursing home residents are at high risk of developing bedsores for a variety of reasons. Many nursing home residents face mobility issues and require assistance from nurse aids and certified nursing assistants (CNAs) to get in and out of bed. A failure on the part of nursing home staff to routinely move and change a resident’s position can result in painful bedsores that, left untreated, can result in serious complications.

Nursing home staff members are responsible for keeping residents as healthy as possible. This involves regularly:

  • Checking residents for signs of bedsores
  • Taking steps to keep a resident’s skin clean and dry
  • Helping residents turn and reposition
  • Repositioning immobile residents
  • Treating residents who do have bedsores

Bedsores can be painful and disabling. It is inexcusable when a nursing home resident develops bedsores as a result of neglect by facility staff members. Deratany & Kosner takes steps to hold the negligent parties accountable.


Some people mistakenly assume bedsores are just a part of aging. But bedsores can develop in people of any age if they do not receive the proper care. Our attorneys know that too often, nursing home residents don’t always receive proper care. And we’ve seen what can happen when they don’t. Bedsores are usually a sign of neglect.

It can be very upsetting to learn your loved one has developed a bedsore while in a nursing home. The nursing home facility, however, may deny wrongdoing. It may claim staffing issues prevent your parent or grandparent from receiving the care they need. We are ready to advocate and litigate on behalf of your loved one and help ensure injury victims obtain the compensation they need and deserve.

Our attorneys have been handling cases involving nursing home neglect for more than 15 years. We don’t accept excuses for nursing home staff that fail to monitor residents for bedsores. We can demand better care for your loved one. And we will fight to hold the negligent parties responsible.


That often involves taking legal action. We will conduct a thorough investigation, gathering and reviewing every piece of evidence we can find. Our legal team knows how to build a strong case that gets results. Our attorneys fight to get justice for your loved one, either through a negotiated settlement or a jury verdict.

We expect the nursing home and the insurance company to fight us at first. But our firm has the resources to take them on. And we work on a contingency fee basis. So you owe us nothing until we come through for you.

If a loved one has developed bedsores as a result of nursing home neglect, contact us to talk to an experienced attorney. Call Deratany & Kosner at 800-529-7285 for a free case consultation.

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