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You’re a member of a foster family hurt by the child placed with you. Or maybe you’re related to a child placed with a family and you suspect neglect or abuse. Either way, you want answers. The dedicated foster care abuse and negligence attorneys at Deratany & Kosner can help you get them.

You may have already been in contact with the foster care agency and asked them to look into it. But they may have told you they don’t know anything about it. Or they said they’d get back to you, but never did. When children or family members are getting hurt, that kind of response is not good enough.

That’s why you need an experienced attorney who knows how to find answers. One who knows how to get around stonewalling tactics to find the truth. An attorney who is passionate about the rights of children and the families who take them in. A skilled litigator who won’t accept negligence and will fight to recover damages. That’s what our firm can offer.

Our attorneys have a wide range of experience in handling these types of cases. We know when we aren’t getting the whole story from agencies. We also know how to get the facts.


Foster care families have a right to know a child’s full history and background before agreeing to take that child in. Every child deserves a loving and supportive home, but some children have a history of behavioral or other issues that a family is not ready to handle. When parents are not informed and something happens, family members can get hurt.

Agencies also need to make sure that the families that want to care for children can provide stable, loving and supportive homes. Neglecting to follow laws and guidelines properly can help unsuitable families slip through the cracks, opening up foster care children to neglect and abuse.

That’s why the attorneys at Deratany & Kosner work so hard to hold negligent agencies accountable. We try to help neglected and abused children get a new start. And we try to stop similar neglect and abuse from happening to another child. We may also be able to help protect other foster families from being injured because they were not made aware of a child’s history.

Our legal team will conduct an investigation into what happened, reviewing every piece of evidence. We’ll seek copies of agency records to find out what information they knew and what information they shared. Did the agency follow all federal and state laws? Were they completely honest and forthcoming with the family? Were they aware of any potential issues and if so, what did they do about them? We won’t rest until we find the answers to these questions.

If we find negligence, we will take legal action against the agency on your behalf. And we will fight to recover damages for what happened to you. In many cases, we can do this through a negotiated settlement. But we will always be ready to go to court.

Learn more about how Deratany & Kosner can help you with your foster care negligence case. Contact us right now. Call 800-529-7285 for a free case consultation.

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