Earth month 2023

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It is easy to take for granted all the natural resources we regularly use, if not daily. Most of us have never lived in a world without access to fuel or clean drinking water and have become accustomed to electronic devices, such as smartphones, that utilize rare earth elements in their circuitry. Yet, sapping the earth to meet the overwhelming demand for finite resources creates harm like climate change and pollution. Unchecked, habitation will be difficult for humankind in a few short generations. We can do better and turn the tide as long as we are still here. Here are a few ways we can do just that.

Advocating for Environmental Policies and Legislation

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Just as we often encourage in matters regarding social injustice, voting for representatives who will create policies and legislation for the benefit of the earth’s wellbeing is a great way to fight back. Last year, the U.S. Senate passed the Inflation Reduction Act, projected to reduce 2030 U.S. greenhouse gas emissions to 40% below 2005 levels. Multinational efforts such as the Paris Agreement are also imperative. Representatives and leaders must create a hospitable world in the present and a sustainable world that will continue long after they are gone.

Educate Yourself About the Earth

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Today, there are plenty of resources for one to become acquainted with the earth’s wonders and awareness of the harms that are affecting it. Most streaming services have rich libraries of nature documentaries that are both educational and entertaining. The Planet Earth series shows the natural wonders of plant and animal life in a grand-scale cinematic display. The Leonardo DiCaprio narrated documentary Before the Flood explores the effects of climate change and the actions needed to prevent its catastrophic consequences. These are just a couple of many stories you can access right now.

Become A Mindful Consumer

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There are seemingly limitless ways in which anyone can help reduce their impact on the environment, and they are easy to incorporate into your daily life. For instance, implementing a “reduce, reuse, recycle” mindset when considering purchases can help you become more conscientious of your environmental impact but can help save you from spending on what may ultimately become a wasted purchase. Additionally, changes in what you purchase can also create a positive impact. Next time when grocery shopping, opt for seasonal produce and forego plastic packaging as much as possible.

Get Involved In Your Community

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The best way to fight climate change is together. Chances are your local community has organizations and projects dedicated to helping the earth. Check-in with your local government website or bulletin boards for projects such as a volunteer cleanup, community garden, tree planting projects, or a neighborhood clothing swap. These projects and more not only promote and help secure the health of our planet but remind us of our innate wiring to be in community with one another.

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