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Many people believe winter is the more dangerous time of the year because of the possibility of accidents caused by snowy weather and because of the risks of severe storms. The reality, however, is the month in which the highest number of deaths due to preventable injuries occurs is the month of July.

An experienced personal injury lawyer knows July is dangerous because of an added risk of injuries in water, because of temperatures that can become extremely hot, and because there is a greater chance of motor vehicle collisions.

Avoiding the Top Causes of July Injury

National Safety Council (NSC) reports the rate of deaths from unintentional injuries is 11 percent higher than the national average, making July the deadliest month of the year. NSC has some advice during this dangerous month to try to stay safe and avoid the most common causes of injury.

Excessive heat causes major problems. There were 270 people killed as a direct result of extreme temperatures in July 2011. To help reduce the risk, stay out of the heat when possible and avoid being outside in the sun and warm weather for extended periods of time. Be sure to drink lots of water so you do not become dehydrated. Protect your children from excessive heat by never leaving them alone in an unattended vehicle. Even with a window cracked, it can take less than 10 minutes for a car’s interior to reach a temperature that can cause brain damage, blindness, deafness, and death.

Driving is also more dangerous over the summer months and especially in July. The risk of speeding-related collisions and alcohol-related collisions is higher in the summer. There is also a significant danger of distracted driving and crashes involving motorists using cell phones. There were 3,417 people killed in car accidents in July. More teenagers are usually on the road during this month because they are out of school. People take road trips and vacations, so there are more motorists on the road. All of these are contributing factors to the high death toll. Drivers should be sure to pay attention, stay the speed limit, and stay sober. Kids should also be in safety seats at all times in the car. When flying, children should also be in a car seat approved by the Federal Aviation Administration once they are 2 years old and up; do not hold them on your lamp.

Both boating and drowning accidents are also significant risks. There were 759 people who died due to drowning in July 2011. To prevent drowning deaths, keep flotation devices on children and make sure everyone attending a water event with you can swim. Both drowning and boating accidents can also be avoided by never boating without a license and by never operating a boat after consuming alcohol or drugs.

By following these common sense safety tips and being aware of some of the added dangers faced in July, hopefully you can get though this high-risk month without incident or injury.

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