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Michael Kosner has been practicing law in Chicago since 1998. After graduating from the University of Miami, he practiced in southern Florida before returning to Chicago, where he was raised in the northern suburbs. In 2016, he became a partner at Deratany & Kosner.

“The goal of any catastrophic injury attorney is to obtain full and fair compensation for his client as quickly as possible. This can be a challenge in any jurisdiction as the goal of most defense attorneys and insurance companies is to slow the wheels of justice to a grinding halt. The longer a defendant can make a plaintiff wait for trial-the less leverage the plaintiff will have during negotiation. If I were asked to sum up my personal litigation philosophy in one phrase it would be “aggression with a purpose.” Pressure and leverage born from that pressure are the only motivating factors that work against insurance companies and the lawyers they hire. My goal is always to obtain a fast and fair financial recovery for my clients in an effort to ease the transition into the next phase of their life. I hope for peace but I prepare for war. By positioning the case quickly for trial I make it possible to posture the case for the right settlement in a much faster period of time than is typically seen in catastrophic injury cases.”

The key to being effective as an attorney handling catastrophic injury cases is having a willingness to take the case to trial. If the defendant doesn’t offer enough money to make my client whole, we go to trial and we let the jury decide the case. Having the reputation as an attorney that is ready, willing and able to try cases unlocks my ability to obtain settlements that reflect the true value of the case. There is only one way to get that reputation and that is by earning it.

– Attorney Michael Kosner



$8 Million Dollar Verdict. This case was tried before a jury in Cook County, Illinois in 2016. This case involved a 42-year-old mother of 1 who died during an upper endoscopy at Mount Sinai Hospital. The defendant denied any wrongdoing and the case went to verdict.

$6 Million Dollar Verdict. This case was tried to verdict in June of 2019. The plaintiff was discharged from the emergency room with a severe headache. Imaging did not show anything wrong with the brain. The patient went home and died of a cerebral aneurysm 24 hours later. The defendant offered zero before the trial began.

$5.9 Million Dollar Settlement. Plaintiff suffered a stroke in the hospital resulting in brain damage after a missed dose of a medication designed to achieve anti-coagulation and thereby prevent stroke. The defendant argued that one missed dose could not have caused the plaintiff to suffer a stroke.

$4.75 Million Dollar Settlement. Trucking accident which happened in Northern Indiana, resulting in severe orthopedic injuries to the client. This case was settled within 12 months of the accident and was resolved without filing a lawsuit.

$2.8 Million Dollar Settlement. This case involved the death of a mother giving birth in a Delaware hospital. The plaintiff’s theory was that the death occurred as a result of an esophageal intubation during a C-section resulting in oxygen deprivation and death. The defendant denied anything went appreciably wrong during intubation and if there was any oxygen deprivation it was not prolonged. Rather, the defendants claimed that the patient died of an amniotic fluid embolism which the coroner could not rule out in his autopsy report. After carefully dissecting every medical record and every deposition, Mr. Kosner was able to convince the coroner to change his opinion and rule out amniotic fluid embolism and rule in esophageal intubation as the likely cause of death.

$2.145 Million Dollar Settlement. Trucking accident occurring in Northern Indiana where the plaintiff’s car skidded out of control in icy condition and rear-ended another vehicle. As the plaintiff got out of her car a box truck traveling behind the plaintiff’s vehicle lost control and struck her. The plaintiff suffered a fractured pelvis and frostbite from exposure to the elements.

$1.9 Million Dollar Settlement. This case involved a slip and fall at a local hospital. The plaintiff injured her leg and developed complex regional pain syndrome.

$1.5 Million Dollar Settlement. This case involved an unmarried and childless 33 year old who was admitted to a local hospital with acute alcohol induced pancreatitis. The plaintiff died in the hospital after experiencing respiratory depression.


In 2005, at the age of 35, Mr. Kosner effectuated one of the largest stillbirth settlements in Illinois history. The case was settled in fewer than 90 days from the time he started working on it.

In 2009, Mr. Kosner settled the second largest wrongful death/medical malpractice case ever against Cook County Hospital. The settlement of $9.8 million was achieved just over two years after the filing of the lawsuit. The average medical malpractice case in Cook County takes more than three years to resolve.

Practice Areas

  • Medical Malpractice
  • Birth Injury
  • Nursing Home Negligence
  • Car Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Personal Injury
  • Wrongful Death


  • Juris Doctor, University of Miami Law School, Miami, FL
  • Bachelor’s, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KN

Professional Associations/Memberships

  • Illinois Bar Association
  • Florida Bar Association
  • Illinois Trial Lawyers Association


  • Illinois Super Lawyers 2017-2019

Personal Life

Mr. Kosner is a devoted family man. He lives in Chicago with his wife and two children.

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